Hike in Stillwell Woods Park

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Even before the “snow storm” in New York last weekend (which turned out to be not so scary) we had a little snow already. Because the days in the winter are so cold and short, we are spending as much time inside, we are very hungry for the sun and fresh air. Luckily last Sunday was quite warm and sunny, so we planned a little walk in the Stillwell Park on Long Island. Luckily the little man likes his! Extra!

DIY – Floor Lamp – handmade

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Recently we did small remodeling in one of our rooms and came out that we could use a floor lamp. In doing little research online, lamps which we liked, not only were quite expensive, but also did not quite fit where we wanted to put it. After a short deliberation I decided to make a lamp. All elements are cheap, and handmade stuff gives me a lot of satisfaction. I like industrial and Scandinavian design so I combined these two styles using planed oak legs, a narrow shade, hydraulic fittings…read more

Samurai Mama Japanese udong soup

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Samrai Mama – Japanese restaurant is best known from the udon. We went there three times and we are still not sure whether recommend it or not, Aga likes it , Robert doesn’t. Good thing is they are claiming not using any MSG! ***Cash only, and be prepared to linger as the service is a bit um, intermittent. http://www.samuraimama.com/

Winter in Poland

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at the end our visit in Poland, we visited mountain region where the winter welcomed us with snow and cold temperatures! It was the first time Lukas was playing in the snow and I think he still doesn’t know what to think about it. He seems to prefer to play with the warm sand than cold snow:) Perhaps next year will be better! And here is the final video contributed by Lukas’s uncle.

Christmas time

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During Christmas holidays we got some spring and winter weather!..We always wish the holidays last a bit longer.. at least we got some pictures to remember good times!

OKONOMI – Japanese restaurant

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We had plan to visit Okonomi for a long time and finally we made it! Okonomi is a Japanese restaurant with a focus on regional seafood and mottainai cuisine. Term mottainai refers to the concern of the waste and a sense of regret concerning waste when the intrinsic value of an object or resource is not properly utilized. For lunch and breakfast they offer traditional Ichiju Sansai set meal for breakfast and lunch. It was miso soup with seasonal vegetables, egg omelet, pickled veggies and of course a fish marinated…read more

Day in the Garden of Uncle and Aunt

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Lukas’s auntie and uncle have a beautiful garden, it was wonderful to spend warm and sunny Christmas Eve morning running in the garden

New Year’s Stroll

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The first day of the New Year needs to be greeted a proper way, but outside is freezing, windy but sunny. We found help in thermos full of hot tea, warm socks and hats and straight to the woods for a long walk. The best way to make a toddler tired just before the long nap:)

Trip to Poland – Stop # 1 – Krakow

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Our visit in Poland was short but very intensive, the first stop was Krakow: Dominikanski Square: Seeing the tramway for the first time… and the horses.. i choineczke na rynku. Traditional “Bagel” from Krakow.. and donats with rose filling: Lukas visit my Uniwersytet Jagiellonski.. and beautiful Grodzka Street and the Castle in the background.. Evening stroll in Kazimierz: Kazimierz and its lovely streets: Restaurant in Kazimierz: Lets come in.. and try .. Thanks our family for the date:)

Zoo in the Park

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W zeszły weekend robiliśmy ostatnie świąteczne zakupy.. w niedziele Robert biegał po sklepach a my z Lukasem dowiedzieliśmy ponownie zoo w Central Park, z tym ze tym razem zatrzymaliśmy sie dłużej w “petting zoo” czyli części dla dzieci gdzie mozna głaskać i karmić zwierzęta hodowlane. Mimo ze pogoda kiepska było kupę frajdy! Last weekend before Christmas, istead shopping Lukas and I went to the Central Park Zoo, but this time we spent much more time in the petting zoo section and even though the weather is not great, we loved…read more