Grand Central Terminal

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Grand Central Terminal, it may seem it’s only station with trains, but it is one of those places, which should see while in New York. Built in 1871, many times rebuilt, renovated, now is housed 44 platforms for commuter trains (in terms of platforms is the largest station in the world). The station is a house for many restaurants, among others, the famous Oyster Bar (opened in 1913), bakeries, shops, cafes, a pharmacy, a museum, and also often serves as a place for art exhibitions. I will not mention that…read more

Hike in Stillwell Woods Park

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Even before the “snow storm” in New York last weekend (which turned out to be not so scary) we had a little snow already. Because the days in the winter are so cold and short, we are spending as much time inside, we are very hungry for the sun and fresh air. Luckily last Sunday was quite warm and sunny, so we planned a little walk in the Stillwell Park on Long Island. Luckily the little man likes his! Extra!

DIY – Floor Lamp – handmade

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Recently we did small remodeling in one of our rooms and came out that we could use a floor lamp. In doing little research online, lamps which we liked, not only were quite expensive, but also did not quite fit where we wanted to put it. After a short deliberation I decided to make a lamp. All elements are cheap, and handmade stuff gives me a lot of satisfaction. I like industrial and Scandinavian design so I combined these two styles using planed oak legs, a narrow shade, hydraulic fittings…read more