Lato Lato i po lecie…

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Lato 2015 sie skonczylo, a my kompletnie nic nie robilismy oprocz siedzenia na plazy kiedy sie dalo i ciagle robienia to tego samego, a wiec…witamy na “naszej” plazy na Rockaway Beach, NY gdzie kazdego weekendu… ..rozkladalismy wielki niebieski parasol.. ..udalo nam sie serfowac czy “sup-owac” .. jeszcze udalo nam sie miec kupe uciechy w falach.. …jeszcze zalapalismy sie na lunchyk.. ..nie obylo sie bez kopania dziury w piasku… ..i chowania sie w dziurach… ..albo z dziur nie umielismy wyjsc.. ..masaze z piasku tez byly.. .. no i wiecej dziur.. ..i…read more

Washington Square Park – Video

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Best place to start “nontouristy” trip around New York? Washington Square Park! This park has amazing dark history, but today you can relax from the hustle of the city and tourists, listen to street musicians; without a doubt, your visit will give you plenty of people to watch. This part of Manhattan originally was considered as a “village” At the end of the eighteenth century, this part of the city was turned into a mass grave for people who died from yellow fever. It is estimated that in the grounds…read more

Firework on Independence day from

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Independence Day is very happy and important holiday in the USA. The whole weekend people are meeting over the barbeque with family or friends by the beach or pool. In the evening firework show is a must! It was the first we took Lukas to watch the fireworks and we were not sure how he’ll react, but he loved every minute of the 30 minute show.

Bushwick Open Studios 2015

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Again we visited the annual Bushwick Open Studios (BOS) – a three-day arts and culture festival, hosted annually by the volunteer organization c Arts in Bushwick . The whole event is free and open to public where artists invite into their studio and share their work. Inviting people to the art studio, which often is the loft where the artist lives, gives a sense of intimacy, which no gallery or shop can not give. The event itself has grown in recent years, which has become pretty big festival. The 2012…read more

Strawberry Season

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Strawberry season has ended, but nothing is lost! The summer has only just began. Every year we are going to “pick your own” strawberries on Long Island, but this time we went upstate New York City to the Farm Fishlill. The farm besides strawberries (Lukas had great time picking strawberries) later in summer there is “pick your own” cherries, blueberries, peaches and of course apples. Also, there is a little store selling local products and ice cream! And everything on a hill with beautiful views. W’ll definitely return.