Governors Island 2017

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Two weeks ago we went to Governors Island which went thru major transformation since our last visit. New slide for kids, hills and picnic area are new addition on the island. East River ferry got rebrand to nyc ferry and more streamlined, now it’s easy to get from Brooklyn Queens to the island during the weekends. The place is free of cars so even you are half a mile from downtown Manhattan you feel like you are outside the city. video uses lots of slow-motion effect however I’m still trying…read more

New Year’s Morning

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January 1st welcomed us with perfect weather (as it can be in January in New York) and we couldn’t resist but to check on the Ocean. After a month being away we missed the breeze and the sun. We summed up our plans for 2017, played with toys from Santa, and just relaxed.

Guggenheim Museum & Agnes Martin

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Cold months are our “museums/galleries season” .. and it’s been long time since we visited Guggenheim museum which itself is such a amazing building (as well as other museums from the Guggenheim Foundation in Venice, Bilbao, and Abu Dhab, see here). Through his daycare, Lukas knows who Pablo Picasso is and we were happy to see some of his paintings (once Lukas painted something funny at home and he said that Picasso made him do it:)) This time Agnes Martin, an American abstract painter had her exhibition.

Annie Leibovitz’s “Women: New Portraits”

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Annie Leibovitz is the most famous American portrait photographer and has been making powerful images documenting popular culture since the early 1970s, when she worked as a photojournalist for Rolling Stone and photographed John Lennon on the day he was assassinated. In 1999 she published series of photographs ‘WOMEN’. Now, Annie Leibovitz returns to her most personal project with new subjects. The new exhibition ‘WOMEN: New Portraits’ reflects the changes in the roles of women today. She shot portraits of female leaders at work: Serena and Venus Williams, Gloria Steinem,…read more

Surfing in November

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It is not a secret we love ocean and surfing to the point what if the weather allowes we go and enjoy salty water on our faces even if it’s late November. Last Saturday, probably it was the last day with warmer weather (60F/15C) this year so we just had to take an advantage of it. The ocean was very cold, so after a short surfing session, hot tea was super helpful! Then we just played in the sunshine with nobody around us!

Diverse Beauty Exhibition

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It’s getting colder and colder so we’re switching our weekends from the beach&surfing to the city&art. Lukas is big enough to spend this coming winter in museums and galleries and NYC has so much to offer! It’s not a secret that we’re fans of Alexi Lubomirski, fashion photographer, so once we found out he has an exhibition, we had to see it. The exhibition which actually ended on Nov 13th (but I am sure there will be more to come) was titled ‘Diverse Beauty’ and it celebrates many different types…read more

Sezon jabluszkowy..

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Chyba w kazdym stanie gdzie rosna jablka wszyscy jesienia jeda na zbieranie jablek i dyni. A skoro my znalezlismy super farme w sezonie truskawkowym, ponownie wybralismy sie do Fish Kill Farm “na jablka”. Pogoda wymarzona, jablka pysze i przetwory na zime zrobione! Kazdemu plecam farme, mozna zjesc, zrobic sobie piknik, a nawet zebrac warzywa!

Lato Lato i po lecie…

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Lato 2015 sie skonczylo, a my  kompletnie nic nie robilismy oprocz siedzenia na plazy kiedy sie dalo i ciagle robienia to tego samego, a wiec…witamy na “naszej” plazy na Rockaway Beach, NY gdzie kazdego weekendu… ..rozkladalismy wielki niebieski parasol.. ..udalo nam sie serfowac czy “sup-owac” .. jeszcze udalo nam sie miec kupe uciechy w falach.. …jeszcze zalapalismy sie na lunchyk.. ..nie obylo sie bez kopania dziury w piasku… ..i chowania  sie w dziurach… ..albo z dziur nie umielismy wyjsc.. ..masaze z piasku tez byly.. .. no i wiecej dziur.. ..i…read more