Fermented Beets DIY

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Beets are one of my favorite vegetables and fermented beets are even better. Fermented food, I feel it’s still very odd idea in American kitchens, but it’s used in many cultures around the world. For example think, miso soup, sourdough bread, kimchi, yogurt, and of course pickles (sauerkraut and cucumbers in brine the most popular in Easter European kitchen) Traditionally prepared, pickled beets are not seasoned with vinegar and sugar, but, rather, they acquired their sour flavor through process of fermentation. Through fermentation beneficial bacteria consume the sugar naturally present…read more

Bye Bye 2016 (video)

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Days passes by so quickly, we just had spring and summer and we are already in 2017. Last year was quiet, we did some longer and shorter trips and now looking at the pictures I must say it was pretty good year!

New Year’s Morning

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January 1st welcomed us with perfect weather (as it can be in January in New York) and we couldn’t resist but to check on the Ocean. After a month being away we missed the breeze and the sun. We summed up our plans for 2017, played with toys from Santa, and just relaxed.

Wawel Royal Castle

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Yesterday we went to see Krakow’s royal castle unfortunately place is close on Mondays after November and we just had a chance to see it from outside. I haven’t been there for a long time hover place still looks humongous and nicer than ever. Here are some pictures from yesterday hope you will like it the way we did.  

It is Krakow Baby

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At this time of year usually we are going back to our roots to spend time with our family. I will be posting images daily from our trip. To show you how holiday season looks in Eastern Europe. These images were taken last night how you can see place is pretty magical.

Guggenheim Museum & Agnes Martin

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Cold months are our “museums/galleries season” .. and it’s been long time since we visited Guggenheim museum which itself is such a amazing building (as well as other museums from the Guggenheim Foundation in Venice, Bilbao, and Abu Dhab, see here). Through his daycare, Lukas knows who Pablo Picasso is and we were happy to see some of his paintings (once Lukas painted something funny at home and he said that Picasso made him do it:)) This time Agnes Martin, an American abstract painter had her exhibition.

Annie Leibovitz’s “Women: New Portraits”

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Annie Leibovitz is the most famous American portrait photographer and has been making powerful images documenting popular culture since the early 1970s, when she worked as a photojournalist for Rolling Stone and photographed John Lennon on the day he was assassinated. In 1999 she published series of photographs ‘WOMEN’. Now, Annie Leibovitz returns to her most personal project with new subjects. The new exhibition ‘WOMEN: New Portraits’ reflects the changes in the roles of women today. She shot portraits of female leaders at work: Serena and Venus Williams, Gloria Steinem,…read more

Thanksgiving Morning in NYC

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It’s Thanksgiving morning! And we don’t have a bird! And most stores are closed or turkey is sold out! The morning we spent running around to find necessities for the dinner and once we got what we needed we went to relieve the stress related to holidays&shopping on the playground! We love playground in Brooklyn by Pier 6 specially in the winter where growing bamboos are green (don’t we all miss green in the winter?) and it’s hidden so it’s not that windy. We had lot’s of fun!

Seven Lakes Hike

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Our weekends depends so much on the weather, if it ranis, we visit museums, if it’s sunny and warm the beach is our choice, and on sunny and cold days we are go hiking. Last weekend was cold and sunny so we decided to go upstate New York to Seven Lakes area which is only hour from the city. This was the first time we went to this place so we were very unfamiliar. However, we decided to parked our car next to Sabago Lake (boat lunch area), put the…read more